Welcome to Oasis World Outreach. We want to be a church where you experience God in a Real, Relevant and Refreshing manner and to be the church that you have always longed for.
Service Times: Sunday Morning 10:15 AM
Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM
Service time Sundays 10:15 am
Service time Wednesday Evening 7:00 pm


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June -”Make it a Month to Remember”

As we enter into the summer, let us make a commitment to giving God our best. Remember ! You cannot steer a parked car.┬áSo, in the same way, if we want God’s direction, we must continue to move forward.

Hands in sky


We live in a high-tech, fast-paced world. In this new millennium, the need for family has never been more important. At Oasis World Outreach you will find that the entire family has never been more important. Here you will find that entire family is the focus and the design of all the various ministries that […]

Walk to the cross


  No one likes to feel ignored or overlooked. Amid all the daily press of people scurrying from here to there, it’s easy to wonder just where you fit in. At Oasis World Outreach, you will meet people, including our pastor and staff, who will give you their undivided attention because they care about you […]

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